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Don't be a dick!

We're a loose group of musicians, people who would like to be musicians, and people who just enjoy spending time with musicians. We get together weekly (mostly) to play music, teach each other guitar, and generally work on our chops. All abilities are welcome, from pros all the way down to people who've never even held an instrument. Adult beverages are part of our gatherings (that matters for some folks). We have only one rule: Don't be a dick!

Please contact music@chopschurch.com for more information.

In early 2014, a few friends thought it might be a neat idea to be surrounded by a group of kind people who love music. Over a couple of drinks, these guys decided to give it a try. Little did they know that they were starting something that would grow to have many members learning music, being kind to one another, and even performing together in public.

The one thing they were sure of was that they needed a guideline for how people in the group treat one another. It didn't take long to decide that only a single rule was needed...

Don't be a dick!

Thus Chops Church came to be...

Here's a little information about our founding members.

Scott McLean Scott McLean is a guitar-playing folk singer, a veteran, and the host of most of our Chops Church events. He loves to teach and play music and is genuinely fascinated by the magnificent variety of whisky the world has to offer. He's also known to be a bit of a smartass, as you'll discover if you ask him "what's up?"
Contact: scott@chopschurch.com
Sean Hurt Sean Hurt is a chef, a father, a good friend to every dog he meets, and the backbone of the guitar section of Chops church. Ask him about the "booger song," but don't tell him I said so...
Contact: sean@chopschurch.com
Steve Wood Steve Wood is a mechanical virtuoso, a lover of music from jazz to punk and everything in beetween, and the first member of the group to diversify to the bass guitar.
Contact: steve@chopschurch.com